Welcome to Heywood's Provision Company - Artisan Meats and Foods!

We're excited to be open and serving the Marietta/East Cobb residents.  Please come by and see what we have to offer!

We are an Artisan Butcher shop. "What is an artisan butcher?"

An artisan is simply that, someone trained in the art or craft.

Heywood's is a Chef driven craft shop focused on the quality of the product we provide our patrons. The proof is in the taste! Come by and give us a try. 

The Latest from Heywood's
December 23rd
SEASONS MEATINGS!!!!!   We know you are stressed and pressed for time. We'd Like to ease those Holiday meal fears. We are here for YOU!!   There is a ton of stuff to get done in the next two days..... Here's our hours for the week. Monday:…
November 5th
Hello Fellow Meat Heads!!! In order to meet the growing demand for our products on the wholesale market we are making some adjustments to the retail hours. We apologize if this causes any inconvenience. We will however extend hours for Holiday Shopping. …
October 2nd
Hello Meat Heads!!  We have changed our hours to close 1 hour earlier. We have a ton of things to do but we need a little extra sleep to get it all done! Come see us for your meat fix a Lil bit earlier. Have a Meaty One!!! Thanks for your Patronage…
February 4th
Heywood's has morcilla, the portuguese style blood sausage. Come get some of that or any of the tasty pork products that we make with RVF pork.   Oh, Yes everything we make is made with RVF pork!!! Tasty, Organic, Sustainable!!  
December 21st
Our apologies for not updating the site more often and bringing you the tasty news! We have been very busy little meat heads lately.  We wanted all of you to know that we appreciate your patronage and hope to see you some more very soon. Also, we w…



We are Butchers and strive to bring the best to our community:

Heywood’s is a member of The Butcher’s Guild, certifying that we use the art of butchery in our establishment. Buying whole animals from local farms is part of Heywood’s commitment to supporting Georgia’s agriculture. The Butcher’s Guild is a fraternity of meat professionals bound by the Oath to create a support system for our industry. We focus on education and camaraderie to achieve a communal goal: a network of successful, skilled, independent butchers all across the country.

 Heywood’s has signed The Butcher’s Guild Oath: