To our valued Customers,

Just so all of you know. We were subject to a USDA recall for one of our products, Tasso Ham. The reason it was recalled was that a spice used in the seasoning mix (Cumin) tested positive for traces of Peanuts, a known allergen with potentially serious consequences. We found out about the problem on Wednesday morning. Our supplier alerted us to the problem, after they were informed by the FDA that this product was contaminated. Once we found out the exact problem, we contacted the USDA immediately and began the recall process. We contacted them first, they did not contact us. We determined that the Tasso was the only product that had the affected spice. We isolated both the product and the spices and removed them from the facility. We also contacted the clients that purchased the product, and asked them to not use it. We have had no reports of any problems or illness as a result of people eating it. The Cumin was in a lot that was shipped out in late August, as a result, the recall was dated back to August 25 2014, and therefore all the Tasso produced since then was subject to the recall. The amount of Cumin in the spice mix was .4% (that’s Point 4%) a very small amount. How much of that was peanut, we have no idea. But it does not really matter; peanuts do not belong on Tasso. They are a Class 1 allergen, the most serious kind.

As part of having good manufacturing procedures in place, we have Letters of Guarantee  from every supplier we use, that the product is safe for use in food, or to touch food. In some cases we have an actual Certificate of Analysis which are actual Laboratory results, after the product has been tested. We have an LOG from our spice supplier, and have used their products for many years without ever having a problem. The problem occurred with the spice importer in NY, where the contamination actually happened. It was out of our control as well as our supplier. The importer is under FDA inspection, and it appears now that those inspections were either not complete, or not done.

We were told by the Inspection officer handling the recall, we did a ‘textbook’ recall. We knew what was affected, how much we made, and were it went. Things, that are critical to know when you have a recall. On the bright side (well in a Lemon-Lemonade scenario) we had the information at our fingertips and were able to give the USDA all they needed right away. That means we have good tracking over our entire production system; something that at least makes us feel a little better.

This recall is spreading around the U.S.  right now. We are not the only ones affected. We are upset at the amount of food that will be destroyed because of this incident, but under no circumstance will we take a risk with anyone’s safety with the products we produce. No good company would. We put safety over profit any day, it’s a matter pf pride and we really do care about what we do.

We wanted you to hear our side of the story. We appreciate all the support and trust we have had with you, our customers, and that is very important to us.

Going forward, we have now added extra steps to our purchasing protocols in an effort to avoid ever having to do this again. Believe us, it was not fun, but was necessary out of an abundance of caution.

If you should have questions or concerns, feel free to call us. We want you know we do our very best to ensure what you eat is safe.        


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